CAD: Gummy Bear Stress Analysis

Gummy Bear Stress Analysis Using Autodesk Inventor 2016

Topic: Stress Analysis.

Objective: To Simulate 7 lbs of Force on a  Gummy Bear.

Material: Autodesk Inventor 2016

Introduction: You have been challenged to design a new Gummy Bear candy that can pass a stress analysis test at 7 lbs of force with a safety factor of 2.0

Stress Analysis Introduction: The example below has the candy with two fixed  points (top,bottom). The yellow arrow is the 7 lbs of force being applied to the center of the candy.









Design Factor Vs Safety Factor

The difference between the safety factor and design factor.  The safety factor is how much the designed part actually will be able to withstand with the selected material and force the first time the item is used. The design factor is what the item is required to be able to withstand as the item is used or over used. The design factor is defined for an application often set by a regulatory code, automobiles use 3.0 as a designed safety factor.

 the safety factor is a ratio of maximum strength to intended load for the actual item that was designed.

\text{Factor of Safety}=\frac{\text{Material Strength}}{\text{Design Load}}

Design load being the maximum load the part should ever see in service.

If your design has a safety factor of 1.0. The part is safe, but only for that force, any more force on the part would cause a failure.   Your challenge is to design a candy that will have a safety factor of 2.0. At this level of safety your part would fail at twice the original load, or 14 lbs of force.


material of candy