Project: Introduction to CAD with Gummy Shapes

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Activity Title: Introduction to CAD with Gummy Shapes

Topic: Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Objective: Create two gummy candy shapes

Material: Gummy candies and CAD programgummi

Introduction: Your teacher needs a back to school treat for the class. Your project is to design a
gummy candy with a back to school theme. The design envelope for this project is 1”x1”x.125.  Your
teacher really likes the alphabet, so one of your shapes should be a letter. Remember to remove sharp corners and apply a material.


Step 1

Start with Autodesk Inventor.

In the Create New File dialog box, select a  Standard(in)ipt. standard part

Start a 2D sketch on the XZ plane. You are now in sketch mode. You should see the sketch ribbon at the top of your screen. Select the line command.

Click your left mouse button near the bottom of your screen and then move your mouse toward the top of you screen, watch the dialog box next to your mouse, when the line is straight and approximately an inch, click your left button again. Select the escape key on your keyboard, to stop the line commandfirst line

Next select the arc command. Then use your left mouse button to select the start of the arc the the bottom of the line and the end of the arc at the top, make the radius approximately at .500arc

The next step is to use the offset command to offset our sketch geometry to the inside of our shape, approximately .080


Step 2

Select finish sketch from the right side of the sketch ribbon. As we are done with the 2D shape.

You will notice the sketch ribbon has changed to 3D model. Select extrude from the ribbon and with your left mouse button select the area between the two shapes you just created, the area will change color. Next enter a distance of .125 as the distance of our extrusion and click the OK button.










extrude done









Step 3

Next we need to remove the sharp edges.Select the fillet command and then the edge at the top of the shapefillet, enter a fillet radius of .05

Repeat the fillet command on the other edges, you may have to change the fillet radius to a smaller size.


Step 4

Select a color from the appearance drop down menu. green